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Wake Plastisol 2.5 l


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Wake Plastisol 2.5 l

Product number: 6430024937237

An environmental way to create your own soft lures!
Wake is now offering you a chance to make your own soft lures, shads, grubs, swimbaits – anything you want! Wake's high-quality Plastisol is also remarkably eco-friendly and the lures made with it are harmless to both humans and the aquatic environment. This Plastisol produces very little odors and vapors during the lure-making process.

Wake Plastisol comes in a 2.5 l package.

• Store Wake Plastisol in room temperature
• Maximum storage period: 6 months
• Mix before use
• Turn leftover plastisol into disposable garbage by mixing the liquid with sand or sawdust and dispose of the waste according to local regulations. The created solid garbage is classified as non-flammable.

Wake Plastisol is first heated to approximately 150 degrees Celsius. A microwave oven is good for this purpose. Do not use the same microwave you use to heat food! Make sure that the containers you use for heating the Plastisol are microwave proof. Heat the Plastisol for 30 seconds, stir, and repeat until the temperature is right. When the Plastisol is active it turns malleable, which means it is ready for lure-making. If the substance is too thick, it is not yet ready. The plastisol must be malleable enough that it properly fills the mould.

The hot Plastisol must be handled with extra care and safety gloves must be worn.

Brand Wake

Wake Plastisol 2.5 l
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