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Sanelli Fillet Knife 22 cm


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Sanelli Fillet Knife 22 cm

Product number: 8007372001286

Sanelli knives are designed for professional use and, indeed, you can spot these knives being used in professional kitchens and by people who handle fish for a living. Now these knives are available to consumers at reasonable prices!

The knives in the Sanelli Premana Professional series have been developed with safety, reliability and hygiene in mind. Coltellerie Sanelli S.p.A. developed the Premana Professional series by analyzing and solving each and every one of the daily problems faced by food professionals. Sanelli knives have been made in Italy for over 150 years! Sanelli kitchen knives come packed in brown cardboard covers. Sanelli Premana Professional knives are patent-protected in Europe and the USA.

• Resistant hardness
• Very flexible
• Great cutting power
• Long edge life
• Excellent sharpening potential

• Unique ergonomic design that reduces user fatigue
• The soft and rough material of the handle makes the knife safe to use
• The handle material is non-toxic and it complies with EU regulations
• The handle material can withstand sudden temperature changes from -40C to +150C
• The handle is balanced with the blade
• The green handle can be easily identified on the table, which increases working safety

Using the knife:
• Each knife has its own special purpose and you should only use the knife for the purpose it was designed for.
• Do not use the knife on hard surfaces, such as granite, ceramics, etc.
• These knives are made of well-sharpened carbon steel. They can also be easily sharpened back into their original sharpness.

Cleaning the knife:
• These knives are machine-washable. However, you should always take the knives out of the dishwasher immediately after the washing cycle has ended and dry them carefully.
• When washed by hand (recommended) be careful as to not leave any food scraps or grime in the seam of the blade and the handle.

Sharpening and maintenance:
• The so-called "twist" that might form on the blade can be removed with a sharpening stick.
• The blade can be sharpened with a sharpening stone, for example.

Made in Italy.

Brand Sanelli
Length 22 cm

Sanelli Fillet Knife 22 cm
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