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Happy Angler is an online store specializing in fishing, with a range of products including 10,000–15,000 different products depending on the season. Our range includes all familiar Finnish and international brands and a selection of high-quality private label products. Our extensive experience of fishing and effective purchasing ensures that we can offer our customers both interesting new products and perennial favorites – always at affordable prices. Our operational concept is completed by our motivated staff and our well-informed customer service: No problem is too large or too small for us to solve!

We are part of the Swedish Rusta group, whose turnover for the previous year was approximately 700 million euros. Of our 150 brick and mortar stores in four different countries 24 are located in Finland. The Happy Angler online store is localized into four different languages and each day we deliver hundreds of orders to more than 40 countries. Our Swedish website can be found at, we provide service in Russian at, and our Finnish customers are invited to use our Finnish website at

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Happy Angler COM
Rusta Finland Oy
Porttipuistontie 1
Fax. +358 (0) 75-325 5018

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