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The Happy Angler Club - Get Your Benefits Immediately!

Happy Angler Club


The Happy Angler Club is beneficial to every Happy Angler customer. Joining the Club is easy and free and it does not bind you to anything.
The Happy Angler Club gives you many benefits, discounts and features that would otherwise be unavailable to you. You can become a member right now: all you have to do is fill out a membership form with your information (email, name, street address, mobile phone number) and come up with a password. You may also end your Happy Angler Club membership at any time without any obligations or consequences.

Happy Angler Club Benefits in a Nutshell

• Price benefits, discounts and discount coupons
 - Happy Angler Club members benefit from great discounts, price benefits, freebie items, etc.

• Members receive up-to-date information about products that interest them
- By email or mobile phone. Our email newsletter is automatically delivered to all club members.

• Tips and product information from experts

• Personalized content for club members:
hard facts and entertainment

• As a club member you can produce your own content in the form of product reviews and comments

• Competitions and prize draws

 - All the Happy Angler competitions and prize draws (and their top notch prizes) are for Happy Angler Club members only
• My Account at the online store
Each club member has his or her own personal section at the Happy Angler called My Account. These pages give members:
 - Personalized product recommendations
 - Personal wish lists
 - Real-time order tracking and order history
 - Discount coupons
 - An address book


Happy Angler Club Communication

The Happy Angler communicates with club members mainly via email, but mobile phone messages are also possible. Club members receive the Happy Angler newsletter brimming with benefits, tips and angling knowledge on a weekly basis. The club newsletter is an integral part of customer communication and the Happy Angler Club and therefore customers cannot unsubscribe from it. The only way to cancel the newsletter is to terminate the membership.


Ending Happy Angler Club Membership

A Happy Angler Club member may terminate his or her membership at any time without any obligations or commitments. After ending the membership the customer loses all of his or her personal benefits and the information stored in the My account section of the online store. The Happy Angler Club can of course be rejoined at any time, but then the membership will start from scratch without any of the old benefits.

Ending membership is simple:
1. Send us an email ( and just ask us to end Your membership.
2. The email should be sent from the same address that is Your username / email address on Your personal information.
3. After completing these we disable Your user account and remove Your address from the mailing list.


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