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Shipping methods and costs

Delivery time
Shipping methods and costs
Shipping to different address / recipient
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Shipping Times


The regular shipping time within Europe for products in stock is 3-7 weekdays. Shipping elsewhere might take a few days longer. By-order products (i.e., products that are not held in stock) have varying shipping times. During high season the shipping times may vary. The availability of a product may be seen on the product page under Availability.

Shipping Methods and Costs


• All Happy Angler orders are delivered by EMS (Express Mail Service) in cooperation with the national postal operators worldwide.

• The shipping method is either home delivery or delivery to the post office / local pick-up point closest to the shipping address entered into customer information, depending on the country in question. For details, see the table below.

• Pick-up points vary by country. A pick-up point can be situated in a post office, a store, a kiosk, etc.

• Order tracking: the customer may track his/her orders via the appropriate tracking codes or by logging into Happy Angler and accessing My Account.

• Depending on the situation, the customer receives either a text message or an email when the order has arrived at the pick-up point. In the case of home deliveries the customer is contacted prior to the delivery so that a suitable delivery time can be agreed upon.

• Orders are delivered to the pick-up points closest to the delivery address in the following countries:
Bulgaria, Cyprus, Canada, Israel and Romania.

• Orders are automatically delivered as home deliveries in the following countries:
Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and  United Kingdom, Norway, United States and the Croatia.

• Order restrictions: see here »

Due to Covid-19 situation Happy Angler’s logistic partner is temporarily unable to deliver shipments into the following countries:
Korea, South
New Zealand

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Shipping - Destination countries, costs and methods
Destination country Cost Shipping method
Argentina 25 € Standard - pickup from post office etc.
Austria 15 € Express - home delivery
Australia 25 € Standard - pickup from post office etc.
Belgium 12 € Express - home delivery
Bulgaria 15 € Standard - pickup from post office etc.
Canada 22 € Standard - pickup from post office etc.
Cyprus 15 € Standard - pickup from post office etc.
Croatia 22 € Standard - pickup from post office etc.
Czech Republic 15 € Express - home delivery
Denmark 12 € Express - home delivery
Estonia 12 € Express - home delivery
France 15 € Express - home delivery
Germany 12 € Express - home delivery
Greece 15 € Express - home delivery
Hungary 15 € Express - home delivery
Israel 22 € Standard - pickup from post office etc.
Ireland 15 € Express - home delivery
Italy 15 € Express - home delivery
Korea, South 25 € Standard - pickup from post office etc.
Latvia 12 € Express - home delivery
Lithuania 15 € Express - home delivery
Luxembourg 12 € Express - home delivery
Malta 15 € Express - home delivery
Netherlands 12 € Express - home delivery
New Zealand 25 € Standard - pickup from post office etc.
Norway 22 € Standard - pickup from post office etc.
Poland 15 € Express - home delivery
Portugal 15 € Express - home delivery
Romania 15 € Standard - pickup from post office etc.
Turkey 22 € Standard - pickup from post office etc.
Slovakia 15 € Express - home delivery
Slovenia 15 € Express - home delivery
Spain 15 € Express - home delivery
Switzerland 22 € Standard - pickup from post office etc.
United Kingdom 15 € Express - home delivery
 United States 22 €   Standard - pickup from post office etc.

Delivery to a Secondary Address

You may also have your order delivered to an address that is not your home address (i.e., your place of work), or you may have your order delivered to a completely different recipient. Delivery to a secondary address or recipient is selected in stage 2/5 of the purchase process (Shipping information).

Shipment Insurance

Happy Angler has insured all outgoing packages. If you notice that your package has been damaged even before opening it, notify the pick-up point where you got the package. If you already opened the package before noticing the damage, contact our customer service:

Order Restrictions

• Shipping restrictions
The Happy Angler delivers orders to all EU countries, excluding Sweden and Finland:

Austria / Belgium / Bulgaria / Cyprus / Czech Republic / Denmark / Estonia / France / Germany / Greece / Hungary / Ireland / Italy / Latvia / Lithuania / Luxembourg / Malta / Netherlands / Poland / Portugal / Romania / Turkey / Slovakia / Slovenia / Spain / United Kingdom


• Customer under 15 years of age

If an order is placed by a person under 15 years of age, that person's guardian is responsible for the order.


• P.O. Box addresses

Happy Angler does not deliver orders to P.O. box addresses.

• Maximum package dimensions

The maximum dimensions of a package depend on the destination country:

All EU countries (excluding Romania, Bulgaria, Sweden, and Finland):
1.5 m / 30 kg
1.5 m / 20 kg

Romania, Bulgaria, and Canada:
2 m / 30 kg



Payment options:

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