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Technology, Security and Data Protection

All information that is processed at the Happy Angler online store is protected by a firewall that complies with general standards. This means that no outsider has access to the data in the online store or in the other systems the store is connected to.

Personal and Payment Information

All personal and payment information is processed using an encrypted SSL connection. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and it protects online data communication.
Payment information (such as identity number and information related online banking or credit cards) is handled using protected and secure connections. Happy Angler does not save the customer's identity number or credit card details or other such payment information.


Happy Angler makes use of cookies. A cookie is a small text file that allows Happy Angler to collect data on how and when the website is used. A cookie may store such information as when and and what pages a visitor browsed, what browser he/she used, and from where the visitor arrived at Happy Angler. The information received via cookies is by its nature anonymous, but it is also possible to link the cookie information to a registered customer's personal information.
The purpose of the use of cookies is to analyze and develop Happy Angler to better serve its customers. The data from cookies also helps in tracking visitor statistics and measuring the efficiency of various Happy Angler features. Cookie information can also be used to produce customer-specific advertising.

The customers have the option to disable cookies from their browser settings, but this can have adverse effects on the usability of the website or even prevent its use altogether.

JavaScript is a scripting language that is used to display various content on the web.
Several features of Happy Angler require JavaScript to work. The way these features are put together means they cannot be used if the customer's browser has JavaScript disabled. For example, you cannot add a product to the shopping cart without enabling JavaScript.


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