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Product reviews from anglers to anglers!

Write a product review and you could win a gift card worth €150 to our online store. The product reviews written by you make it easier for others to decide between products and make great purchases. 

Happy Angler’s product review week continues until July 5, 2020!

Product reviews are a corner stone of any online store in terms of purchase decisions. They also provide us with extremely valuable information as we continue to build and maintain the most extensive range of fishing products in Finland. Reviews instruct the range of products we offer and are a significant factor in our decision-making concerning the product selection.
Therefore, we want to further emphasize the importance of product reviews with this campaign and increase the number of reviews from our customers even further, particularly for new products. From anglers to anglers, everyone benefits!

Happy Angler’s product review statistics:
  • Accepted reviews: 46712
  • Five-star reviews: 19915 (42.63%)
  • Four-star reviews: 20383 (43.64%)
  • Three to one-star reviews 5037 (10.78%)
  • Rejected: 1377 (2.95%) (reviews that are contrary to the rules)


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