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Rapala Kalatakuu Surface Water 1 Lure Set


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Rapala Kalatakuu Surface Water 1 Lure Set

Product number: 6416173029016

Rapala Kalatakuu surface water fishing lure set for clear waters. In surface fishing, the lure is always visible to the fisher. This makes surface water fishing very exciting as you often see the fish before it attacks the lure. Target water that is less than 1.5 meters deep or spots where you can see surface action. The most commonly caught fish: pike, perch, river trout.

The Rapala Kalatakuu lure sets include lures that are chosen fish-species-specifically for various fishing conditions. The selection is based on the long-term experience of Finnish Rapala ProGuide professional guides and the best fishers in the country.

The package includes the following lures:
• Rapala Skitter Walk 08 CH
• Rapala Skitter Pop 05 CLN
• Rapala Skitter Pop 07 SB

Brand Rapala

Rapala Kalatakuu Surface Water 1 Lure Set
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