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Daiwa Zillion HD Baitcasting Reel


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Daiwa Zillion HD Baitcasting Reel

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Daiwa Zillion HD (Heavy Duty) continues the successful march of the traditional and renowned Zillion range. The familiar Zillion has been updated with the latest Daiwa innovations.

The new Zillion has a light and durable spool made from A7075 aircraft aluminum. The floating Daiwa Speed Shaft spool technology enables frictionless operation of the spool, which means that the spool begins to spin quicker and keeps spinning for longer. This extends the casting length significantly.

HD, i.e. Heavy Duty, means that the reel’s durability has been improved from the previous. The housing is made from aluminum, side plate from Zaion, and the sturdy Digigear is used as the gearing. Thus, the HD components used in the new Zillion HD can withstand both stress and torque better than before.

Zillion HD also uses the Mag Seal technology. Mag Seal is a Daiwa innovation, where magnetized oil creates a seal around the gear of the reel. In practice, the seal prevents dirt, salt, and water from reaching the inner parts of the reel. Thus, Magsealed reels have a longer lifespan and smoother operation.

Daiwa’s gearing technology Digigear works away at the heart of the Zillion. The Digigear withstands pressure and provides more torque, even when your prize fish is pulling at the other end of the line.

The revolutionary T-Wing System levelwind is light years ahead of traditional line guidance systems. The T-shaped guide of the TWS -levelwind lets the line flow more freely when casting. This prevents the creation of sharp, decelerating angles in the line. When reeling in the line, the TWS closes up, allowing the line to spool smoothly.

Magforce Z prevents tangles on the spool. This drag system incorporates the best features of both traditional casting brakes and new magnetic drag systems. Magforce Z work seamlessly to extend your casting.

The fishing drag used in the reel is Daiwa’s UTD – Ultimate Tournament Drag. UTD is sure to take any fish down a few notches – Zillion HD’s drag output is 7kg.


• T-Wing System (TWS)
• free-floating A7075 aluminum spool
• Magforce®-Z
• Durable, lightweight aluminum housing
• Zaion side plates
• 1 MBB (Magsealed ball bearing) + 8 CRBB + 1RB
• 100mm Swept handle with EVA knobs
• Zaion star drag
• Micro-click adjustment

The legendary Zillion is here – And better than ever!

Brand Daiwa
Bait-casting reel fishing method Casting
Bearings 1MBB+8CRBB+1RB
Drag 7kg
Gear ratio 6.3:1
Handedness Left, Right
Line capacity m/mm 100m/0.37mm
Profile Low-profile
Reel model Zillion HD 1520H, Zillion HD 1520HL
Warranty 2 years
Weight g 230

Daiwa Zillion HD Baitcasting Reel
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Megalist anchor

Reel model: Zillion HD 1520H


Online store: On order (5-10 weekdays)

Store: Not available in stores

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Brand: Daiwa, Line capacity m/mm: 100m/0.37mm, Drag: 7kg, Gear ratio: 6.3:1, Bearings: 1MBB+8CRBB+1RB, Handedness: Right, Profile: Low-profile, Weight g: 230, Bait-casting reel fishing method: Casting, Warranty: 2 years

Reel model: Zillion HD 1520HL


Online store: On order (5-10 weekdays)

Store: Not available in stores

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Brand: Daiwa, Line capacity m/mm: 100m/0.37mm, Drag: 7kg, Gear ratio: 6.3:1, Bearings: 1MBB+8CRBB+1RB, Handedness: Left, Profile: Low-profile, Weight g: 230, Bait-casting reel fishing method: Casting, Warranty: 2 years


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