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Shimano Calcutta Conquest Baitcasting Reel


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Shimano Calcutta Conquest Baitcasting Reel

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Shimano Calcutta Conquest is the flagship of the Shimano range of rounded baitcasting reels. At first glance, the reel looks identical to the previous Calcutta models, but soon you will notice the significant new features that take this machine to the next level.

The drag system has been revamped and the external drag adjustment has been removed, the line roller is synchronized with the spool movement, and the new gear ratio is 6.2:1. The drag now also features a ratchet feature as the line is pulled out! In addition to the new features, Calcutta also incorporates familiar Shimano patents, such as a Hagane body, MicroModule gearing, X-SHIP, S3D spool, 12 S-ARB bearings, etc. Calcutta is a masterful example of the technological development of fishing equipment. Despite this, the Calcutta still has a classic design and provides a firm grip. Calcutta Conquest is the reel for you if you use big lures, such as jerks, shads, jerkbaits, and spinners. And of course, Calcutta Conquest is manufactured at a Shimano plant in Japan.


• X-Ship. The Shimano X-Ship technology means that the critical gearing components are supported at both ends. This provides you plenty of power and torque, which will become apparent when you are fighting your record catch.
• Hagane body. Hagane body ensures reliable operation even under significant load. For the proper functioning of the gearing and the entire reel, it is extremely important that the body cannot twist at any time.
• Micro Module Gear - main gear cold forged from pure aluminum with teeth so small that the main gear friction is minimized alongside the clearance. The small teeth allow the gears to remain in constant contact, thus significantly improving the sensitivity and feel of the reel. This can only be done by Shimano!
• The S A-RB bearings are made from stainless steel. The surface of an A-RB bearing is harder than regular bearings, which means that it has a lower rolling resistance. This bearing type is also significantly more resilient against corrosion than steel bearings. In addition, the S type bearing is sealed to prevent dirt from penetrating it.
• S3D (Shimano Stable Spool Design). A new spool construction that reduces vibrations when casting, thus improving the fishing response even further
• Super Free System (SF) was designed to reduce spool friction during casting. In the SF system, the pinion gear is supported by a ball bearing, which reduces the friction on casting and also ensures that the pinion gear and spool axle are perfectly aligned with each other.
• Compact Body design. At this size, the reel is much more compact in terms of the physical dimensions, which makes it more comfortable to use
• Anti-reverse bearing
• SVS Infinity casting brake system consists of four brake pads powered by the centrifugal force. The brake pads can be adjusted via the side plate equipped with a quick-release mechanism or the precision adjustment switch located on the outside of the reel. Each pad can be engaged or disengaged separately, thus providing a wide range of adjustment.

Brand Shimano
Bait-casting reel fishing method Casting
Bearings 12+1
Gear ratio 6,2:1
Handedness Left, Right
Line capacity m/mm 255/0,25
Profile Round
Reel model CTCNQ300A, CTCNQ301A
Warranty 2 years
Weight g 330

Shimano Calcutta Conquest Baitcasting Reel
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Reel model: CTCNQ300A


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Brand: Shimano, Line capacity m/mm: 255/0,25, Gear ratio: 6,2:1, Bearings: 12+1, Handedness: Right, Profile: Round, Weight g: 330, Bait-casting reel fishing method: Casting, Warranty: 2 years

Reel model: CTCNQ301A


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Brand: Shimano, Line capacity m/mm: 255/0,25, Gear ratio: 6,2:1, Bearings: 12+1, Handedness: Left, Profile: Round, Weight g: 330, Bait-casting reel fishing method: Casting, Warranty: 2 years


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