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Shimano Catana RC Spinning Reel

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Shimano Catana RC Spinning Reel

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Representing the top of the line, Shimano Catana RC is a spinning reel equipped with a rear drag. The rear drag is conveniently located near the fisher, so it is easy to adjust during fishing. The anti-reverse Super Stopper gearing is operated by two ball bearings and a Roller Bearing special purpose bearing (corresponds to a traditional solution with six bearings) and the DynaBalance balancing provides for smooth reeling. The Shimano Catana RB reel has a patented AR-C-type aluminum spool, so casting accurately is easy, even over long distances when necessary. The Shimano Catana RC spinning reel is perfectly suited for fishing for perch, pike, and zander by choosing the appropriate size.


• patented, cold forged A-RC aluminum spool
• bearings: 2 S-SS ball bearings + 1 Roller Bearing
• XT-7 body
• rear drag
• Varispeed spooling

Cold forged aluminum spool
Cold forging aluminum is far superior to traditional casting. Components manufactured by cold forging are more rigid and lighter than cast ones, due to the different molecule structure. Shimano factories use cold forging to manufacture gears and spools used in reels, for example.

AR-C spool
One of the patents held by Shimano is related to the design of the leading edge of the AR-C spool. This allows the line to unspool almost directly towards the first guide when cast. This minimizes the friction at the guide nearest to the reel and eliminates the need for oversized guides.

The Roller Bearing special purpose bearing developed by Shimano supports the reel shaft firmly in correct lining. Replacing this bearing would require 3–4 traditional ball bearings and therefore Shimano’s reels should be compared with other manufacturers’ reels that use 3–4 more ball bearings.

S-SS bearing
The S A-RB bearings are made from stainless steel. The S-type bearing is sealed, which means that both sides of the bearing have a metallic or rubber shield that prevents dirt and impurities from reaching inside the bearing.

XT-7 is a graphite material developed by Shimano, which can be used to manufacture rigid, light, and rust-resistant components. This material is used for reel bodies and bicycle parts, for example.

Varispeed spooling
This high-quality spooling system works reliably with multi-fiber, monofilament, and compound lines. Shimano Varispeed spooling provides an even line stack on the reel-side, enabling tangle-free, accurate, and easy casting.

Brand Shimano
Bearings 2+1, 2+2, 2+3
Drag Rear drag
Gear ratio 5,1:1
Line capacity m/mm 170/0.18, 140/0.20, 90/0.25, 260/0.25, 180/0.30, 130/0.35, 290/0.18, 240/0.20, 160/0.25
Reel model 1000, 2500, 4000
Warranty 1 year
Weight g 270, 300, 370

Shimano Catana RC Spinning Reel
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Megalist anchor

Reel model: 1000


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Brand: Shimano, Line capacity m/mm: 170/0.18, 140/0.20, 90/0.25, Drag: Rear drag, Gear ratio: 5,1:1, Bearings: 2+1, Weight g: 270, Warranty: 1 year

Reel model: 2500


Online store: In stock

Store: Not available in stores

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Brand: Shimano, Line capacity m/mm: 290/0.18, 240/0.20, 160/0.25, Drag: Rear drag, Gear ratio: 5,1:1, Bearings: 2+2, Weight g: 300, Warranty: 1 year

Reel model: 4000


Online store: Unavailable

Store: Not available in stores

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Brand: Shimano, Line capacity m/mm: 260/0.25, 180/0.30, 130/0.35, Drag: Rear drag, Gear ratio: 5,1:1, Bearings: 2+3, Weight g: 370, Warranty: 1 year


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