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Shakespeare Agility LRF Spinning Reel Rod


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Shakespeare Agility LRF Spinning Reel Rod

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For 2019, Shakespeare is introducing new Agility LRF (Light Rock Fishing) rods. They come with especially responsive and lightweight blanks, which are particularly well-suited for LRF fishing. The Agility LRF rods let you feel each movement of the lure even as it hovers near the bottom. Movement is relayed extremely well, which allows you to control the lure with minor hand movements.

Originating in Japan, LRF is a style of fishing where the lures are as lightweight as possible, and the hooks are small. You can use the LRF style to catch smaller fish, but with the right type of rod even larger fish are in your reach. As is characteristic to the LRF style, the Agility LRF rods are highly responsive, which means that you can feel even the slightest nibbles by the fish. LRF fishing is extremely fun and is the perfect style for fishing all day without tiring your hands.

• 30ton Slim Carbon blanks
• EVA grips
• Zirconium Oxide line guides (ZOG)
• Responsive tips
• Ergonomic reel holders
• Spigot joint

Brand Shakespeare
Fishing method Jig fishing, Ultralight fishing
Length cm 201, 213
Lure recommendation g 0,5-7, 5-15
Model LRF 6´7", LRF 7´
Pieces 2
Rod length 6-footers, 7-footers

Shakespeare Agility LRF Spinning Reel Rod
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Megalist anchor

Length cm: 201

Model: LRF 6´7"


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Brand: Shakespeare, Rod length: 6-footers, Pieces: 2, Lure recommendation g: 0,5-7, Fishing method: Jig fishing, Ultralight fishing, 

Length cm: 213

Model: LRF 7´


Online store: In stock

Store: Not available in stores

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Brand: Shakespeare, Rod length: 7-footers, Pieces: 2, Lure recommendation g: 5-15, Fishing method: Jig fishing, Ultralight fishing, 


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