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Information About the Happy Angler Club 

Joining the Happy Angler Club

Joining the Happy Angler Club is absolutely free and it does not bind you to anything. The only personal details required on the membership form are name, street address and mobile phone number. You must also come up with a password for yourself. You may choose to add your birthday later in the My Pages section.

Once you are a member, you login to the online store using an email address and password. The email address is the one you entered on the membership form. If your email address changes, you still login using the address you originally entered. All club notifications, order confirmations and other messages are of course sent to the new email address.

Club Communication

Communication in the Happy Angler Club is mainly done over email, but there are also mobile messages (such as mobile discount coupons). Club members receive newsletters, customer benefits and discount coupons in the email address they have entered into customer information. Mobile phone messages are also possible. Club newsletters are automatically sent to all members. A newsletter may include product recommendations and discounts and coupons, as well as expert interviews, articles, user experiences, etc. The Club newsletter is an integral part of club member communication and therefore customers cannot unsubscribe from it. The only way to cancel the newsletter is to terminate the membership. For more information on how to terminate your membership, see section Terminating the Happy Angler Club Membership on this page.

Allocating Club Benefits and Services

Our online store system collects data and analyses the way visitors to our store browse products, purchase items, read product reviews, etc. This data is used to manage and handle customer information at the Happy Angler and to allocate benefits and services to Happy Angler Club members and other customers. This data is only used by the Hong Kong group and not given to any third party. The personalized product information and recommendations sent to Happy Angler Club members are mainly based on the analysis of this visitor data.
For more information about the data collection and storage procedures, see our description of file »

Ending the Happy Angler Club Membership

A Happy Angler Club member may end his or her membership at any time without any obligations or commitments.

To terminate your membership:
send an email in which you express your desire to terminate the membership to our customer service:

NOTE: The unsubscribe email must be sent from the email address that has been registered on the Happy Angler website (i.e. the login email or a current contact email). This is a way for us to verify that the person who sent the email is really the person who wishes to terminate his or her membership.

The following conditions apply to the Happy Angler Club:
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